New pre mixed Ironstone mortars introduced

30th May 2016

We have introduced pre-mixed Ironstone Mortars to cater for the demand for a pre mixed version of our bestselling limes and sand

Ironstone sharp, fine sand blended with a brown Nosterfield, 2.5 mm down, washed river sand has proved very useful as a pointing and construction mix when mixed 3 parts with one part Quick Lime,  one part Ionic Old White Moderately Hydraulic Lime or one part Ionic NHL5 lime. Womersley’s have now started selling all three versions of this mix.


Results of Plaster Analysis at Castle Dairy Kendal

29th May 2016

Womersley’s after been instructed by Maysand and the NPS Group to analyse the mortar and plaster types on the ground floor walls of Castle Dairy in Kendal Cumbria have found that the most historic plasterwork appears to have been composed of a hot lime produced mortar which had hair and gypsum added just before use.

Womersleys continue to supply lime mortars to Pontefract Castle

1st May 2016

The £3.5m restoration project to open up parts of the Pontefract Castle not seen by the public since the 17th century is now well underway. Womersley’s continue to supply William Anelay Ltd, the main contractor with lime, sand and specialist aggregates for rebuilding and conservation work. This followed initial mortar analysis by Womersley’s to establish the constituents of the original mortar used in the castles construction and latter restoration work.