Working with volunteers on the Chesterfield Canal

30th July 2018

Womersleys helped train Volunteers from the Canal and River Trust in the use of lime mortars for the up keep of locks on the Chesterfield Canal. The canal was originally built with mortar made from burnt Magnesium Limestone (perhaps with some clay marl added) and local sands. This tradition of using hydraulic lime mortars for the construction and repair of the canal structures was continued by the group.

Use of mobile elevated platforms in Theatres

25th July 2018

The installation of load bearing structures by theatres' to carry a mobile elevated platform is a massive step forward which allows the full inspection of the plaster ceilings from below, which could not be comprehensively done before without full scaffolds.

Repairing clay daub and lime plaster on panels of riven lath and insulating externally with insulated lime renders

15th July 2018

Mark Womersley provided help and advice to contractors repairing 16th and 17th century external timber frame infil panels

Helping the Canal and River Trust Volunteers

11th July 2018

Womersleys helped guide volunteers working for the Canal and River Trust in the repointing and selective rebuilding of a Turnover Bridge (canal bridge number 100) at Stone on the Trent and Mersey Canal. The bridge was erected Circa 1818. The group did really well in their efforts to continue to conserve the structure.

An introduction to Lead Work Training Day

10th July 2018

An Introduction to Lead Work at Kirkgate Training Day

Womersleys were delighted to run another training day in the sunshine at Leeds. Participants learnt the basics of Lead Work, including its history, codes, use and detailing on buildings.