What a pleasure to be booked in to resurvey the Apollo

28th August 2016

What a pleasure to be booked in to resurvey the Apollo. Good theatre management means Mark has been asked by Ornate Interiors to help them again with their annual ceiling plasterwork survey at the Apollo

Tim's Nidderdale Dream

25th August 2016

It is always a pleasure to offer advice to people like Tim who has the vision and the ability to restore a stunning early seventeenth century building in the beautiful setting of Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales.


Lovely Chamfers

24th August 2016

Late sixteenth century Chamfers and Stops on old oak beams and lime plaster onto reed in Misteron, Doncaster

Womersleys helping with Conservation Skills Training Programme

24th August 2016

Womersley's are pleased to help with the training at the Queen Street Townscape Heritage Scheme

Working with our German Paint Partners

20th August 2016

Mark has just got back from southern Germany. He and our waterglass paint supplier Beeck and colleagues at Cornish Lime have been going through the improvements being made to some primers and paints.

The Ceiling Centre Tells a Story

13th August 2016

Womersley’s have recently completed a lime plaster survey of the main ceiling at Bethel Chapel, Shelf. The principal ceiling has a central floral motif with dove to centre carrying a laurel leaf and tells the story of the decade in which it was installed.


Historic Mortar Analysis for North Bar, Beverley

4th August 2016

Womersleys have analysed the construction mortar used to build North Bar at Beverley. The Bar is a two storey brick built 15th-century gate that still forms an impressive entrance into the town of Beverley in the East Riding of England.

Plasterwork survey at Oakwell Hall Completed

3rd August 2016

Womersley's have just undertaken a ceiling plasterwork survey with Ornate Interiors, for Kirklees Council of Oakwell Hall, in Birstall, West Yorkshire. The Hall is a visitor attraction and wedding venue and the council wish to keep the ceilings well maintained. They have in the past suffered from building movement and water penetration