Providing Lime Training Out of the Rain

21st November 2018

It is always a delight to provide lime training to the teams and volunteer groups working for the Canal and River Trust. We were at Apperley Bridge Depot today and built a wall with a mortar similar to the feebly hydraulic hot lime mixed used on one of the buildings within this complex. The mix was composed of quick lime, two sands, ash and brick dust.

The group also wanted to have a go with the most appropriate mix for repointing setts at this time of year. We used a mix of Ionic Old White NHL3.5: two parts Sharp Sand: half part clinker ash and 10% prompt just before use.

Natural Pozzolana described by Vitruvius in the Roman Era

9th November 2018

Vitruvius writing The Ten Books of Architecture in 27BCE reminds us that natural and manmade pozzolana has been used to improve fat lime mortars for a long time.

Joseph Wright of Derby, ‘Vesuvius in Eruption, with a View over the Islands in the Bay of Naples’ c.1776–80

An introduction to Silicate Paints

9th November 2018

This short piece provides an intruduction to pure active silicate mineral paints.