Gold water glass paints are now available

22nd January 2019

Finally gold water glass paints are now available for sensitive breathable restorations of our old buildings

Gold and golden finishes have been used for centuries in interior opulent decoration. From the regency period in England Litharge of Lead was used to produce gold paints and glazes. Yellow ochre pigments from Oxfordshire that are soft and transparent with a brownish-yellow tone, Ochre from the Golden Valley near Bristol, Italian Derbyshire Ochres and bright ochre found in the Vale of Avoca, County Wicklow of a deep slightly transparent golden colour helped painters achieve golden tones in interior decoration throughout the late 18th and nineteenth centuries.

Womersleys are pleased to now have available within their Beeck breathable mineral paint range Victorian Gold and Silver paint colours allowing full colour schemes to be reproduced, and complementing the vast array of colours achieved principally with mineral pigments in their purer active water glass paints.