Beeck Mineral Paint for Grade I Listed Church

5th March 2019

Beeck Mineral Paint has been used to redecorate the Grade I Listed Saint Denys Church in York. The church who’s above ground architecture dates to 1160 and was lavished with enlargement in the late mediaeval period has recently had extensive repair and conservation work undertaken. As part of these works mineral paints supplied by Womersleys have been used for the internal decoration to allow the churches fabric to dry out after water penetration and breathe in the future. Beeck silane primers have been used where necessary to try and stop salt laden walls from blowing the paint off. Some areas will need to be primed again after a longer period of drying out and removal of salts that are forming on the surface of the stone. It is essential that the silane primer can penetrate into the depth of the stone, which needs to be dry, to reduce damage to the paint surface without stopping its vapour permeability

.Beeck Maxol